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Rebuild, Repair, and Restore: A Community Collaboration

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By: Bobbie Cummins, Dan Reich, Tim Tuffs

July 28, 2021


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In May 2020, the city of Minneapolis found itself embroiled in a period of intense civil unrest. Riots, vandalism and looting were widespread. Our clients Lake Street property was extensively damaged, to the point where the store (like many others in the area) was forced to close.

The intensity of the unrest on the streets gradually abated to the point where a General Contractor was chosen and supplier representatives could document detailed assessments of the damage to the store.

The results were daunting and confronting. Clearly, a major remodel was called for. But, in truth, the extent of the damage was such that it was almost as if an entirely new store needed to be re-imagined and built on the footprint of the old one.

More than a store

Well beyond the goods and services it provided, the Lake Street store was very much a neighborhood hub for the vibrant, multi-cultural, minority-based community it served.

Swiftly and effectively re-opening the store was not only essential on a practical level, it was also a matter of incredible importance from a social and psychological standpoint. Yes, the Lake Street store was a significant commercial enterprise, but its value to the community far surpassed being merely transactional.

That communal value was something the staff at the store (and executive management) were acutely aware of. The company as a whole, and the Lake Street staff specifically, viewed the remodel/rebuild as a community project as much as a commercial project.

Sign on a store that reads we are open again

Why Bailiwick?

Care and diligence are part of our DNA. As our client's technology solutions partner in this project, we instinctively embraced their "We will help rebuild the community" mentality. Our 20+ years relationship allowed us to quickly align with their goal and to approach the solution with similar empathy and urgency.

Bailiwick had the experience, the expertise, the skilled personnel and the appropriate attitude to join with their other minority and empathetic vendors as effective, efficient, problem-solving partners.

Our own long-standing, deep-rooted relationships with our technician contractors meant that they were eager to join us in what was rapidly becoming one of the most important and significant undertakings in our history.

By the numbers

The sheer scale of the damage to the in-store technologies meant that full replacement of all infrastructure and equipment was required. The building was stripped down to the bones. All new components were ordered and installed.


devices configured


devices kitted


of Cat6 cable installed

Person working on networking equipment

The results of the work we did impacted areas as diverse as:

  • Asset Protection – cameras and security
  • Order Pick Up and BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick up in Store)
  • Deployment Support (Help Desk)
  • Network Infrastructure – installation and turn-up of switches, routers and servers
  • Access Point Installation – guest and team member WiFi.
  • Mood Music
  • Guest Facing Devices – POS / SCO / Gift Registry / Price Checkers
  • Team Member Devices – Workstations, Printers, Hand-held POS, Time Clocks

Some final thoughts

Team members at this chain consider themselves family. That was clearly evident at this location. Staff have been quoted as considering this store to be the beating heart of the community, noting that there was (and is) almost a pulse to it. When the store re-opened, it felt like they were seeing family again. One project member commented on their goal, "It's all about making sure the people who live in this community feel like this is home." The employees, coupled with the customers, created another place in the community where they could see their friends and neighbors again. One employee stated, "being here with the heart of the store beating again is a joyful experience."

To be a part of this rebuilding of the community pulls at the heart-strings of Bailiwick. We will forever remain grateful to have been a part of this project.

For more project detail including services we provided, read the success story.

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