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EV Charging Solutions

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Get connected with a nationwide provider of electric vehicle charger installation and maintenance services.

Electric vehicles are everywhere—but the charging stations they rely on aren't. Are you ready to capitalize on the opportunity? Whether you're looking to attract customers, fuel your own EV fleet, or help create a more sustainable future, Bailiwick can make your vision a reality.

This is your opportunity to get out in front and start the process of implementing or expanding charging stations to capitalize on the EV revolution. Bailiwick® Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions are designed so you can do just that from start to finish—the easy way.

Exceptional Value for EV Charging Station Installations

With our scalable operations, best-in-class technical teams and strategic industry partnerships, Bailiwick delivers unsurpassed experience for national brands seeking to execute a large-scale EV charging station installation strategy.

Planning is crucial to ensure that EV charging networks are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. By partnering with an experienced technology deployment expert like Bailiwick, businesses and organizations can avoid costly mistakes and build a network that meets the needs of EV drivers, reinforces a company's brand recognition, and supports a more sustainable future.

Aside from the type of charger to install, there are several other factors that need to be considered before the installation of any EV charging station begins. With the help of our extensive experience managing the deployment of large-scale technology projects, Bailiwick has developed a four-phase process for clients wanting to execute an EV charging strategy.

Bailiwick's 4-Phase Approach to Initiating an EV Charging Station Strategy

Phase 1:

Bailiwick meets with clients to understand EV charging goals and objectives.

Phase 2:
Site Evaluation

Bailiwick conducts extensive site evaluation to determine feasibility and identify potential issues. Allows for detailed and accurate proposal.

Phase 3:
Turnkey Installation and Activation

A project manager and engineering professional are deployed to manage all aspects of the installation and activation.

Phase 4:
Repair and Maintenance

Bailiwick is available as a 1-call source for repairing any operational issues.

Whatever your business, Bailiwick EV Charging Solutions can help attain your goals


  • Be the Convenient Choice
  • Increase Cart Size
  • Keep Customers Happy

Quick Service Restaurants

  • Be the Convenient Choice
  • Keep Customers Happy
  • Be a Sustainability Leader


  • Increase and Protect Property Value
  • Create a Great Guest Experience
  • Be a Sustainability Leader


  • Reap the Rewards
  • Get a Competitive Edge
  • Be a Sustainability Leader

Hospitals and Clinics

  • Create a Valuable Experience
  • Add a Consistent Revenue Sour
  • Be a Sustainability Leader

Grocery Stores

  • Attract and Retain Customers
  • Increase Cart Size
  • Be a Competitive Leader

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