We learn everything about your business to harmonize your needs with industry best practices

Whats Bailiwick's Bailiwick?


For over 25 years we have been delivering IT solutions for complex business environments across a variety of industries.

Value of Partnership

and Managed Site Care

For your complex, large-scale IT Initiatives

United by our commitment to excellence and service, we drive technology solutions for our customers by embracing and mastering challenges. Bailiwick is known for creative problem solving and developing solutions which accelerate growth and profitability for our clients.

Bailiwick is Nimble

Bailiwick clients often use the word Nimble to describe us and we could not be prouder. Bob Marko and Michelle Wolter discuss here why clients often use the word Nimble when describing Bailiwick.

Bailiwick, a partner who has your back, always.

Whether you are new to Bailiwick, or a long-time partner, you will get the same care and dedication.

New Client <1 Year

This client has partners of over 15 years who are not treating them with the same care and attention we do. Let us show you what care really looks like!

"Thank you Bailiwick for the tremendous amount of support and care you have given us."

This new client's executive team specifically called Bailiwick out in a meeting, one of whom stated, "Here we have a brand new partner that is basically standing on their head in response to us and we haven't even paid them yet!" (They're good for it!)

They said it was the best on-boarding of any partner they've worked with. In fact, their word was: phenomenal!

Existing Client >15 Years

Recently, Bailiwick was entrusted with a significant project from a client who is recovering from business loss due to recent events (COVID-19 and civil unrest).

We were told by their internal team "voted unanimously that Bailiwick was the trusted partner to get their job done."

Words they used to describe their relationship with Bailiwick: "trusted partner, reliable and proven, tenacious, curious team who asks probing and thoughtful questions, strive for perfectionism."

Bailiwick builds close connections with our clients.

That's who we are.

2020 brought unprecedented challenges; every day brought unpredictable change. What didn't change, Bailiwick's commitment to care for and empathize with our clients. Bailiwick is honored to have been entrusted by our clients to walk with them as they re-opened, rebuilt and now, return to the workplace.

2020 - By The Numbers

Devices Configured

Blue caret pointing up 14%

Over 2019

Tasks Executed

Blue caret pointing up 18%

Over 2019

Unique Site Visits

Blue caret pointing up 30%

Over 2019

Devices Processed

1.4 million

with 99.9% accuracy

Over 2019

We know it's not just about the numbers. Your journey is our journey. "Many thanks to each of you for your contributions and tireless efforts to make this electronic control box upgrade an adventure like no other! This new and different initiative brought challenges unforeseen! Thanks for joining us on this journey!" T-L, Current Client, Logistics

Building for the future of technology. Let's explore how.

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Bailiwick is driven to discover personalized solutions that solve technology challenges. We take pride in simplifying the complex while helping you leverage technology to achieve your business goals.


At Bailiwick, our professional services teams are comprised of dedicated sales and solution architects, project managers, engineers and IT services specialists who provide the best IT solutions for your business. Before stepping foot on-site, we learn everything about your business to harmonize your needs with industry best practices.


Curiosity and creative problem solving.

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