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For 29 years we have been delivering IT solutions for complex business environments across a variety of industries.

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Our vision is to be the indispensable partner of technology solutions, guiding and simplifying an increasingly complex world.

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WLAN Solutions

Our five-pronged WLAN strategy optimizes your network and minimizes costs.

Any WLAN installation starts with meticulous planning, proceeds to a customized installation, and concludes with onsite testing and verification. To ensure your wireless network performs at the optimum standards, we work with leading industry manufacturers to gather the latest in technology standards and practices. Our WLAN solutions are fully supportable, scalable, and easy to maintain. Our designs are based on years of field experience in real site environments plus modeling software based on real use scenarios. This combination ensures the performance you need now with the capacity for future use of your WLAN.

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1. Assess

We conduct a detailed analysis to determine your exact needs. You can view surveys in real time while the technician is on-site. This allows you to push modifications and save time.

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2. Design

Our designs are based on engineering expertise and years of field experience in site-environments. Additionally, our collaboration culture and modeling software will develop the exact design you need to ensure optimal performance.

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3. Install

At every site location, you get efficient, consistent equipment installation. We ensure this with end-to-end management of the installation process, a network of 20,000 technicians and comprehensive site surveys conducted by our engineering team and equipment installers.

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4. Verify

Bailiwick can integrate with your software and ticketing systems to monitor and manage all systems and provide real-time data.

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5. Analyze

We provide you with a detailed analysis of the project and recommendations for continued success.

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