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Security and Loss Prevention

Elevate Your Loss Prevention Strategy
with Bailiwick

In today's fast-paced world, time-sensitive loss prevention measures are crucial. Digital surveillance, facilitated by hi-definition digital cameras, sensing devices and other technologies, offers a proactive approach to safeguarding your business. Whether it's deterring theft, protecting customers and employees, or enhancing operational efficiency, our expertise designing and installing state-of-the-art security systems and loss prevention solutions can make all the difference in helping your company reach its goals.

Inventory shrinkage is an increasing and devastating problem for retailers in an increasingly competitive environment. At Bailiwick, we help our clients create and implement a comprehensive loss prevention strategy. We are leaders in the design, installation, and maintenance of large-scale technology solutions. Our commitment to customer care and our expertise in deploying loss-prevention technologies across multiple sites ensure that you transform your loss prevention efforts into a game-changing asset.

The Power of Digital Surveillance

Imagine having eyes everywhere in your establishment, capturing every detail with precision. Bailiwick's camera installation services provide you with unparalleled visibility, ensuring that no incident goes unnoticed. Get ready to experience:

Customized Solutions:
Our experts assess your unique security needs and tailor camera installations to cover critical areas effectively.

High-Resolution Cameras:
Get crystal-clear footage for accurate identification and analysis. When combined with Bailiwick Integrated Intelligence, we can create a system that helps predict losses before they occur.

24/7 Monitoring:
Enjoy round-the-clock surveillance for real-time threat detection and rapid response.

Keyless Access Control

Transform your access control with digital smart locks. With our expertise, you can fortify your premises, restrict unauthorized entry, and create a secure environment for your assets.

We understand that deployment of these technologies can be a complex endeavor. That's why we offer turnkey deployment solutions to make the process seamless for you. From initial planning to ongoing maintenance, we have you covered.

Get ready to experience:

Two digital smart locks, one locked and one unlocked Armored, digital locks help harden access to product, trailers and rooms without creating friction for the end user/customer.

Keyless Entry:
Say goodbye to traditional keys and hello to hassle-free access control through smart devices.

Access Control Profiles:
Customize user access with precision, ensuring the right people have access at the right times.

Real-Time Monitoring:
Track lock activity and receive instant notifications, enhancing accountability and security.

Sensing Technology

Sensing technology plays a pivotal role in loss prevention, serving to safeguard assets and mitigate risks. When properly applied, sensing technology such as RFID and LiDAR allows businesses to proactively detect and respond to potential threats such as theft and vandalism. Bailiwick's experience integrating sensing technology into a company's loss prevention strategy provides clients with real-time analytics they can use to mitigate theft.

Sensor technology deployed by Bailiwick provides:

Real-time Visibility and Monitoring:
RFID enables real-time tracking and monitoring of merchandise or cargo. Companies can precisely locate items, monitor movement, and receive instant alerts for any suspicious activities.

Protection in vulnerable areas:
LiDAR sensors can be strategically placed in high-risk retail areas to continuously monitor these spaces and automatically detect any unusual activities, such as someone attempting to conceal merchandise or acting suspiciously.

Anti-Shoplifting Measures:
RFID technology provides a sophisticated means of securing merchandise. RFID tags can be integrated into product labels or packaging, making them inconspicuous yet highly effective at deterring theft.

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