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Rebuild, Repair, and Restore

The client came to us directly due to our core competency of Diligent Care.

Project Overview




Tech remodel of store after extensive damage caused complete closure.

the client

A high-profile, Fortune 100, national retail chain.


4 months


To be specific, this was a 145,000 square foot remodel; a large, single-site project. The size of the project was measured more by the significance of what it meant to the community than would be the case in a typical remodel for a large-footprint retailer.

The Problem

In May 2020, the city of Minneapolis was embroiled in a period of intense civil unrest. Riots, vandalism and looting were widespread. One particular property operated by a national retail chain was extensively damaged, to the point where the store (like many others in the surrounding area) was forced to close.

The intensity of the unrest on the streets gradually abated to the point where a General Contractor was chosen and supplier representatives could document detailed assessments of the damage to the store.

The results were daunting and confronting. Clearly, a major remodel was called for. But, in truth, the extent of the damage was such that it was almost as if an entirely new store needed to be re-imagined and built on the footprint of the old one.


devices configured


devices kitted


of cat6 cabled installed

At Bailiwick®, we are united by our commitment to excellence and service, we drive technology solutions for our customers - accelerating their growth and profitability - by embracing and mastering challenges with our curiosity and creative problem solving.

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Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion guiding statement
We diligently foster an inclusive, caring culture that understands, advances and values diversity in all its human dimensions.

The Solution

As the technology solutions partner in this project, we instinctively embraced our client’s “We will help rebuild the community” mentality. Our 20+ years relationship with the client allowed us to quickly align with their goal (to reopen in record time) and to approach the solution with similar empathy and urgency.

The sheer scale of the damage to the in-store technologies meant that full replacement of all infrastructure and equipment was required. The building was stripped down to the bones. All new components were ordered and installed.

The remodeling services we provided included:

Site Assessments
Assessing and visually documenting the tech damage to the store. Moving assets as needed during clean-up and rebuild.
Cabling Installation and Materials
Low voltage cable installation.
Hardware / Equipment Installation
Receipt and inventory of hardware shipments on site. Demo of any damaged hardware, scrub and/or place equipment for disposition. Examples of hardware installation included: POS registers, camera assemblies, RF Access Points, Workstations and Printers.
Consolidation and configuration services streamlined the equipment process to ensure it exceeded our clients' standards and was delivered ready to install.
Our warehousing process incorporated detailed and site-unique labeling and shipping processes for all equipment, which led to safe and on-time delivery to the site. We labeled every box to simply the finding of equipment. We developed customized kitting plans to pick, pack, and ship items that installed together to maximize efficiency for the technicians on site.
Deployment Support
Supplied support and staff during the installation period. This included technical and logistical support for timely resolution.
Engineering Support
Supported the project with engineering services pre-project, as well as on-site with technicians.
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We've been working with this client on remodels since 2003 and have a trusted relationship with them for over 20 years.

The results of the work we did impacted areas as diverse as:

Graphic of a security camera

Asset Protection - cameras and security

Graphic of a retail store with car parked next to it

Order Pick Up and BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick up in Store)

Graphic of a person wearing a headset sitting at a computer

Deployment Support
(Help Desk)

Graphic of a server

Network Infrastructure – installation and turn-up of switches, routers and servers

WiFi symbol

Access Point Installation – guest and team member WiFi.

Music symbol

Mood Music

Graphic of a point of sales register

Guest Facing Devices – POS / SCO / Gift Registry / Price Checkers

Graphic of a hand held inventory scanner

Team Member Devices – Workstations, Printers, Hand-held POS, Time Clocks

When the client team met to discuss partners for this remodel, they said, "Only one company comes to mind. Bailiwick."

The Outcome

Due to the combined efforts of the client, Bailiwick, and other motivated contributors, the store re-opened remarkably quickly. This was a huge boost to a community that viewed it as very much a social hub for the vibrant, multi-cultural, minority-based neighborhood it served.

Why Bailiwick?

Bailiwick had the experience, the expertise, the skilled personnel and the appropriate attitude to join with our client’s other minority and empathetic vendors as effective, efficient, problem-solving partners.

Our own long-standing, deep-rooted relationships with our technician contractors meant that they were eager to join us in what was rapidly becoming one of the most vital and meaningful undertakings in our history.

Curiosity and creative problem-solving.

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