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Securing a warehouse with wireless technology

Project Overview




WLAN Installation


4,400 access points


Distribution centers across U.S. and Canada


A multinational logistics carrier needed work done in two phases at distribution facilities in the U.S. and Canada. Phase one involved upgrading security in the distribution centers to wireless technology. Phase two required retrofitting distribution centers with WLAN equipment.

Phase One:

Phase one began with the arrival of 1,600 Motorola AP 300s at Bailiwick's consolidation center. We configured the units as sensors and tested them before sending them on to the distribution centers. BailiwickĀ® also reviewed the buildings' infrastructure in order to use as much existing wiring as possible to minimize re-wiring and speed equipment installation.

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At each site during the installation phase, Bailiwick technicians verified site readiness and finalized cabling needs before installing the equipment. Each piece of equipment was field tested and validated with wireless network tools. At the end of the process, Bailiwick uploaded photos, schematics, heat maps and signoff documents to our SharePoint site for the client to access.

Phase Two:

Phase two also began with equipment shipped to Bailiwick's consolidation center - 2,800 Motorola AP 5131s - where it was configured as sensors and tested before being shipped to the distribution centers. Meanwhile, Bailiwick arranged for site surveys where engineers reviewed design and infrastructure readiness. In the case of critical hub locations, Bailiwick team leaders conducted the site surveys. Design specifications were adjusted according to actual conditions at various distribution centers.

At each distribution center, Bailiwick technicians installed equipment during a limited window of time to work with the arrival and departure of trucks. Equipment was field tested using handheld scanners and results were sent back to the project manager at Bailiwick. Those results were analyzed for signal and noise levels and a report was generated for the client.

Once the system was up and running at each distribution center, Bailiwick technicians returned one or two days later to decommission the old system. The delay was used to confirm that the new system was providing full coverage without any issues. At the end of the project, Bailiwick produced a final report in VISIO format and uploaded photos,schematics and signoff documents to our SharePoint site for the client to access.


Given our strong relationship with this client, Bailiwick was a natural choice to lead the two-phase deployment. The client was very familiar with our capabilities and full service approach that includes planning, implementing and thorough followup. They also valued our ability to manage large scale, time-sensitive deployments inside and outside the U.S., as well as the seamless process we use to prepare, install and test equipment at each site.

The Bailiwick Difference

This major logistics carrier moves thousands of shipments through its warehouses every day. Security is always a concern because they're responsible for all product while it's in their hands. In addition, they wanted to upgrade their inventory and shipping control to reliable wireless technology in the form of a local area network. Based on a longstanding relationship and Bailiwick's knowledge of designing and installing wireless systems, they asked us to plan and manage the deployment of the equipment in both phases, from site preparation to final testing.

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