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What's Bailiwick's Bailiwick?

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By: Bobbie Cummins

July 8, 2020


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Recently, Bailiwick was entrusted with a significant project from a client who is recovering from business loss due to recent events (COVID-19 and civil unrest). We were told their internal team voted unanimously that Bailiwick was the trusted partner to get their job done. Trust was the main decision driver and we are both honored and humbled.

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Trust has always been key to relationship building, both personally and professionally. There is no other time though, when trust has been more important than now. Especially, when it comes to determining who you believe can provide the right care to your sites and employees who are impacted due to COVID-19 and our civil unrest. We simply cannot risk protection and safety of employees and customers, family and friends. Trust is the driver today, and every day. Simon Sinek, in his book "Start with Why" breaks down the two areas of the brain (Neocortex and Limbic) and which of those areas is responsible for decision making. Sinek writes, "The neocortex is responsible for rational and analytical thought and language." Sinek follows up with, "The limbic brain is responsible for all our feelings, such as trust and loyalty." Science has long testified that decisions are made in the Limbic Brain, the area of the brain which holds our emotions.

Trust is, in fact, a core value at Bailiwick. Bailiwick intentionally set out to build a business that was always centered on trust. Maybe you've heard Bailiwickers talk about "having your back." What does that mean? It means we don't give up. It means Diligent Care. It means, "I'm in, no matter what. I got you."

Turning a Vision into Reality

The idea of providing a great place to work was very important to Bailiwick's founder, Tim Andersen. He knew he couldn't tell someone how to properly balance their family, recreation and work. But he also knew people would be more effective in all three areas if they kept them in balance. Tim set out to build a company where people would find balance in their lives – knowing people who are happy, confident and supported will deliver awesome customer service.

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"I believe that integrity and trust are the cornerstones to all long-term relationships. Customers will always want to work with Bailiwick if they know beyond all doubt that we have their best interests in mind." Tim Andersen.

For the past 25 years, Bailiwick has been on quite a journey. The company evolved from a cabling distributer to being recognized as a top Systems Integrator and managed services provider in the marketplace. How did Bailiwick do it?

To answer the question, "What's Bailiwick's Bailiwick?", we needed to ask ourselves, what's the one thing we do better than anyone else? For that, we turn to the core of the business. The core is your stabilizer, your balance, at the center of it all. Everything an organization does must align with the core in order to maintain its balance and stability.

So, we sought to find our core. The one thing Bailiwick does better than anything else. Care.

Diligent Care is our Core Competency

How did we land on Diligent Care as Bailiwick's core competency? We talked to our clients, we talked to our employees, we commissioned a study with Boston Consulting Group and we did a competitive review (of course!). The leadership team did what all good leadership does: wrangled and wrestled to find the right words that represented the beliefs our clients and employees shared. After some lively discussion and debate, we landed on Diligent Care.

And, our clients agree. Here is what they have to say about Bailiwick and our Diligent Care: "The team was fast, efficient and courteous. I am very pleased with the job completion level and minimal impact on the restaurant and customers. Nice job!"

"I wanted to write you guys and let you know much I enjoy working with the Bailiwick teams. I really appreciate everything you guys do for us on a daily basis! The Bailiwick team members are truly trusted professionals, great project managers who I consider experts and friends! They bring vast experience, a wealth of knowledge and they take ownership of the installations to ensure we continue to deliver the quality our brand has come to expect and deserve."

"The entire Bailiwick team did an amazing job of understanding our specific needs. Working with them was like having an extension of our team. They were true partners."

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Diligent Care. Dedicated Service. Dedicated to You.

As you consider who you can entrust your employees and sites to, consider what Diligent Care can mean for you. What peace of mind could that afford you?

COVID-19 is creating new norms – norms that haven't even been identified yet. At Bailiwick, what hasn't changed is that we still care deeply about our clients' successes and we will have their back no matter the circumstance. What has changed at Bailiwick? We have done a lot of research regarding return-to-workplace strategies – both inside and outside of the technology box, both at the corporate and individual site locations. We are serving our clients in new ways.

  1. Because they trust Bailiwick and know we have their back no matter what the ask;
  2. we can mobilize our 20,000 technicians at a moment's notice and can quickly scale to support virtually any project.
Bobbie Cummins profile picture Bobbie Cummins pioneers marketing and communications strategy; passionately exploring new and uncharted territories in brand development, stewardship and advocacy. She has led the marketing and communications strategy development at Bailiwick for the past five years and on her best days she is driving strategies that build closer connections with their clients. (So, every day is a best day!) When away from work, Bobbie enjoys traveling with friends and family, exploring new and exciting places.

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