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Trends in the Deployment of Large-Scale IT Initiatives

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By: Eric Hayes

July 28, 2023


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Successfully managed IT deployment companies know that their business must constantly evolve to survive and flourish. Bailiwick continues to serve our impressive list of national brands who are also evolving and succeeding in increasingly competitive markets.

Bailiwick and our clients have undergone numerous changes over the past five years. While some of these changes may have been accelerated because of the pandemic, trends such as an increased demand were already underway. Digital technology has helped clients become more efficient and better able to meet their customers' demands.

Accelerated Adoption of Technology

Many companies including quick service restaurants, retailers, and hotels have sped up their adoption of digital signage. Bailiwick is continuing our rapid installation of digital signage throughout the US to meet our client's needs. The accelerated demand has placed Bailiwick in a position of being one of the most trusted partners in the deployment of digital signage.

Our metrics for the installation of outdoor digital menu boards are impressive

14,691 sites

42,864 digital menu systems

1,440,355 feet of low voltage electrical

30,236,733 lbs. of concrete

The deployment of outdoor digital menu boards (ODMB) was new to Bailiwick. When asked by some of our clients to install ODMBs at numerous locations around the country we were intrigued because the complex installation required disciplines beyond a traditional IT deployment initiative, such as trenching, concrete work, and landscaping. However, we quickly developed expertise in those areas.

While installing concrete footings and trenching across parking lots used to be new for Bailiwick, we are now experts in managing those activities. Our experience with ODMB helped us transition into EV charging stations since a lot of the same skills are required. In addition, our pool of labor partners has also developed that same expertise and are able to leverage that experience as we enter the market for EV charging stations.

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Integrated Intelligence and Labor Issues

Every day it seems like a client is coming to us with a different idea on how to leverage integrated intelligence into their suite of technologies. Coordinating the use of this AI technology is new to Bailiwick, but our technology team along with our strong relationships with companies who are developing integrated intelligence applications has put us in a good place to help our clients leverage the technology.

Clients are finding use for integrated intelligence in areas such as loss prevention and automation. This aligns well with the still challenging labor market. Being able to automate tasks helps lessen the burden on staffing, which will help as we appear to be faced with labor challenges in the foreseeable future.

Supply Chain Issues Remain

The largest investment Bailiwick has made over the past few years has been the opening of our new state-of-the-art integration center and warehouse. The opening of our 150,000 square foot facility in Minnesota was a direct result of our clients asking Bailiwick to help manage the deployment, warehousing, and integration of their large-scale IT deployment projects.

Our new facility gives Bailiwick increased opportunity to scale for any size technology deployments in a way very few other companies can do. It also offers our clients the ability to order their hardware all at once and have it delivered to Bailiwick. This helps to alleviate the supply chain issues since all supplies can be ordered and secured in our warehouse before the project begins.

The feedback from clients has been very positive regarding our integration. Even though the building is completely operational, we continue to make investments in technologies to increase efficiency. And those investments have been paying off. During our latest inventory audit, we were able to identify client's assets with an impressive 99.95% accuracy!


Clients stay with Bailiwick because of our impressive record of meeting their very high expectations. Our clients are consistently evolving to make use of new technologies, and they've stayed with Bailiwick as their managed IT service provider because we have evolved with them. Bailiwick is an organization that focuses on continuous improvement. We are always looking for ways to improve. Whether that's employee development, systems enhancements, or vendor partner communication. We need to keep pace with customers' increased expectations.

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Eric Hayes profile picture As the leader of Bailiwick's Project Management Office (PMO), Field Resource Management Group, Engineering Department, and Event Management Organization, Eric prioritizes enhancing the customer experience by constantly seeking improvement. With a strong belief in positive reactions to challenges, he drives service delivery optimization and operational efficiency. Eric's dedication to fostering strategic partnerships and solving customer problems ensures their success in reaching their goals.

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