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What to Consider when Initiating a Multi-site EV Charging Station Program

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By: Tim Bennett

March 2, 2023


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Electric vehicles are here to stay. In 2022 EV sales soared past a record 800,000 vehicles, according to Kelly Blue Book estimates. That number represented 5.8% of all vehicles sold in the US. Those numbers are expected to accelerate in the future.

The growth of the EV market will undoubtedly present many challenges, but with challenges come opportunities for companies with the foresight to take advantage of these trends. Many companies are looking for ways to capitalize on the EV trend. And with good reason, EV drivers tend to have more disposable income. When these drivers stop to charge their vehicles, they are in a great position to purchase your goods or services, providing you have a strategy designed to engage them.

One key to implementing a successful multi-site EV charging strategy is working with an experienced managed IT services company. In most instances, it's best to work with an IT service organization that can provide turnkey services. These services can include an array of diverse offerings such as:

  • Site Surveys
  • Securing Permits
  • Electrical Work
  • Product Selection
  • Architectural and Engineering Design Services
  • Installation Services
  • Maintenance

Site Survey and Permits

A thorough site survey at the beginning of an EV charger installation project is critical to the successful installation of an EV charging station. It's important to identify a location for the charging station that is going to result in the best customer experience. You don't want the charging station hidden in a darkly lit area that is hard to find. Yet, the site needs to be convenient to existing electrical sources and cost-effective.

Two technicians troubleshooting EV charging station

A site survey will also identify if appropriate electrical power and utilities are available and identify any potential obstructions that may impede the installation. In the past, sites have been selected by property owners as being ideal for an EV charging station, only to discover that existing in-ground utilities impeded the ability to run power lines to the site.

The longest lead time for many EV charging station installations typically involves electrical and foundation permits. The permitting process can go quicker if you can demonstrate that a thorough site review has taken place so that potential issues can be resolved ahead of time.

The experienced installer should also prepare your site for the needs of today and tomorrow. In many cases when brands see the positive impact on business brought on by an EV charging station, they elect to add charging stations. This can be a relatively easy task if the proper electrical requirements are brought to the site during the initial installations, something a company with EV charging installation expertise would plan for and recommend.

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Selecting the Right EV Charging Station Product

The EV charging sector is constantly evolving. Over the past few years there has been a tremendous amount of consolidation in the sector, with some companies exiting the EV charging marketplace all together.

Companies need a systems integrator experienced in large scale technology installations that can suggest the best manufacturer for their needs. Certain manufacturers offer products that provide integrated software that helps engage customers and allows businesses to customize the charging experience and helps promote their brand. These types of charging systems can bring more revenue to a site by offering incentives that attract clientele. This option can be enticing but is typically more expensive.

Other manufacturers offer less expensive options, but maintenance may be an issue. Both hardware and software of an EV charging system needs to be carefully evaluated before making an informed decision. An experienced EV charging station installer like Bailiwick can help navigate the numerous choices available.

Another consideration when selecting the type of EV charging station is selecting what level of charging station is right for the property. A level 2 charger, which may require several hours for users to achieve a full charge, but in many cases, drivers only want to top off their battery power before they go home for a complete charge. A level 3 DC fast charger can charge a car in less than an hour, but they are more expensive to both purchase and to install.

Multi-site EV Charging Stations

There must be strategic thought put into the planning process to develop a consistency in the charging experience. Consistency gives customers a level of trust when charging their expensive EVs and will positively impact your brand as a trusted charging destination.

Achieving consistency comes when working with a company that has a professional project management team that can bring in experienced installation crews. Customers don't care that certain properties may have unique electrical challenges or that the foundations of one location had to be dug deeper than a different location. Customers care about their experience, and the best way to deliver a positive experience is to deliver a consistent experience.

It's also important that EV charging sites are maintained regularly to retain customers. This means that routine maintenance, like any hardware left out in the elements, is regularly performed. When working with brands that have multiple locations, having the same EV charging systems in place will help provide the important sustainability data that so many corporations are seeking. One system tied to several locations makes it much easier to report on the sustainability progress.


As mentioned, the EV charging sector is in state of flux. Some major manufacturers from five years ago are no longer in the business. That's why it's important to work with an experienced EV charging deployment company that understands the industry. An experienced installer of EV charging stations like Bailiwick will have strategic relationships with manufacturers and suppliers. This can help you achieve the best price available and should lessen the likelihood of delays caused by supply chain challenges.

EV charging stations are destinations for their owners, who are often high value clients for your products and services. The EV charging experience can be an extension of your brand. A positive experience for these valuable customers starts with selecting the right partner to install your EV chargers. You would be well-served to select a partner with experience in multi-site technology deployment.

Tim Bennett profile picture Tim Bennett is the Director of Digital & Emerging Technology at Bailiwick. He joined the company in 2016 to help design and launch the digital menu board program. Tim leads new technology offerings for Bailiwick.

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