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The Importance of the Consultation Phase When Starting a Large-Scale EV Charging Station Strategy

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By: Tim Bennett

July 18, 2023


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The rapid growth of electric vehicles (EVs) has created a demand for reliable and accessible charging infrastructure. To successfully implement an EV charging station strategy, it is crucial to consult with clients and understand their specific goals and requirements. When consulting with Bailiwick, we offer tailored solutions that align with the client's objectives and deliver the best outcomes. The role of partnering with clients at the outset cannot be understated as a critical phase in executing an EV Charging Station strategy.

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Consulting with clients allows Bailiwick to gain insight into their goals for EV charging programs. For instance, some clients may aim to become destination sites for EV charging, while others may prioritize offering EV charging as a customer amenity. By identifying these goals, Bailiwick can offer appropriate solutions that meet the specific needs of each client. Understanding client goals ensures that the proposed EV charging solution is aligned with their overarching objectives.

Every client has unique requirements, depending on their industry, location, and customer base. For example, a large resort that anticipates EV-driving visitors staying for an extended period would benefit from Level 2 chargers with software that notifies guests when vehicles are fully charged. On the other hand, convenience stores serving EV drivers who seek a quick in-and-out experience may benefit from DC fast chargers. It's well known that EV chargers encourage longer dwell time and increased purchases, resulting in higher overall transaction values for convenience stores.

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Local Considerations

During the consultation process, Bailiwick reviews the existing EV charging networks in the area and evaluates opportunities to install Level 2 or DC fast charging units based on the client's goals. Proximity to major highways and thoroughfares and anticipated traffic count are essential factors to determine the best fit for the client. Additionally, researching any applicable incentives or rebates available to offset the investment in EV charging solutions can help reduce installation costs. By considering these local factors, service providers can identify the most suitable EV charging solutions tailored to a client's needs.

The consultation stage involves a comprehensive examination of various elements to ensure the successful implementation of an EV charging station strategy. Factors such as client goals, infrastructure requirements, site suitability, and financial incentives must be carefully evaluated. By conducting a thorough analysis, service providers can develop a well-rounded understanding of the client's needs and provide informed recommendations. This holistic approach ensures that the chosen EV charging solution maximizes efficiency, user experience, and long-term benefits.


Consulting with clients is a key step in executing an effective EV charging station strategy. Understanding client goals, tailoring solutions to different situations, considering local factors, and examining multiple elements during the consultation process are essential for delivering successful outcomes. By taking the time to consult with clients, Bailiwick can offer customized EV charging solutions that align with clients' objectives, promote sustainability, and contribute to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Tim Bennett profile picture Tim Bennett is the Director of Digital & Emerging Technology at Bailiwick. He joined the company in 2016 to help design and launch the digital menu board program. Tim leads new technology offerings for Bailiwick.

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