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The Critical Role of Site Evaluation when Installing EV Charging Stations

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By: Tim Bennett

July 6, 2023


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As the world embraces the transition towards sustainable transportation, electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain momentum. With the growing number of EVs on the road, the demand for accessible and efficient EV charging infrastructure has increased rapidly. To ensure the successful installation of EV charging stations, site evaluation plays a pivotal role. Accurate and complete site evaluation allows Bailiwick to develop a precise plan for installation and deployment.

Bailiwick conducts a thorough assessment of a property selected for an EV charging station to address several questions during the site evaluation phase. As a company that has deployed thousands of technology installations, Bailiwick understands the significance of these evaluations in providing accurate and comprehensive proposals to their clients.

One of the primary questions to answer during site evaluation is determining whether the existing electrical infrastructure can support the demands of an EV charging system. EV charging stations require a significant amount of power, and evaluating the electrical capacity of the site ensures that it can handle the increased load. By conducting a comprehensive review, potential issues can be identified early on, avoiding power limitations or disruptions in the future.

Based on the desired EV charging system, the site evaluation helps determine if any electrical upgrades are necessary. Bailiwick analyzes whether the installation of transformers, subpanels, or coordination with the utility company is required to meet the demands of the charging infrastructureā€”in many cases the existing power is sufficient to supply level 2 EV chargers and no upgrades are necessary. This proactive approach ensures that the site is adequately prepared to handle the future growth of EV charging systems, minimizing any potential delays or unforeseen costs.

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A thorough site evaluation helps identify existing utilities or potential obstructions on the property that could hinder the installation and functionality of the EV charging system. By recognizing these obstructions early in the planning phase, Bailiwick can design the charging infrastructure, ensuring seamless integration with the property's layout. This attention to detail minimizes the need for expensive rework or modifications in the future.

Strategically locating EV chargers is essential to maximize user convenience and safety while minimizing disruption to the overall functionality of the property. Through site evaluation, Bailiwick determines the optimal placement of charging stations, considering factors such as accessibility, parking patterns, and pedestrian flow. Cost is also a factor in the location of EV chargers since expenses may rise is available power sources are not close and convenient to a EV charging station site. Thoughtful planning helps ensures that EV charging stations blend seamlessly into the existing environment and enhance the overall user experience without being prohibitively expensive.

The comprehensive on-site evaluation allows Bailiwick to deliver precise and in-depth proposals to clients. These proposals provide valuable insights into the anticipated return on investment (ROI) associated with adding EV charging stations to their facilities. By leveraging the information gathered during the site evaluation phase, Bailiwick can accurately estimate the costs, timelines, and benefits of the proposed EV charging system, enabling informed decision-making. This results in accurate, in-depth proposals for our clients.

Bailiwick's Tim Bennett inspects a recently installed EV charging station.
Bailiwick's Tim Bennett inspects a recently installed EV charging station.


In the quest for sustainable transportation, the establishment of robust and accessible EV charging infrastructure is crucial. The site evaluation phase, as undertaken by Bailiwick, ensures that EV charging stations are installed with careful consideration of electrical requirements, potential obstructions, and user convenience. With expert site evaluation, clients can expect precise proposals that offer valuable insights into the ROI associated with integrating EV charging stations into their facilities. Proper planning helps ensure that the widespread adoption of electric vehicles becomes more viable, ushering in a greener and more sustainable future.

Tim Bennett profile picture Tim Bennett is the Director of Digital & Emerging Technology at Bailiwick. He joined the company in 2016 to help design and launch the digital menu board program. Tim leads new technology offerings for Bailiwick.

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