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For 28 years we have been delivering IT solutions for complex business environments across a variety of industries.

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Our vision is to be the indispensable partner of technology solutions, guiding and simplifying an increasingly complex world.

The miseries of the supply chain disruption are projected to linger through 2022.

Businesses like yours are reacting to the supply chain disruption utilizing different strategies, strategies that are very deliberate and precise. Organizations must get creative.

To help shelter our clients from the supply chain storm, Bailiwick® took the following actions:

  1. We significantly expanded our capacity and capabilities in both our warehouse and consolidation/configuration practices by opening a new 157,000 sq ft facility.
  2. We are adjusting cabling infrastructure pricing to current market conditions. We are also making a number of strategic pre-buys for our clients based on firm contractual commitments to protect them from substantial lead time delivery constraints the industry is currently operating under.

Everyone's talking about it; we’re all looking for answers. If pre-buys are part of your materials and cost mitigation strategy, you're not alone.

And, we get it.

Our asset management practice delivers 99.999% accuracy in how we maintain your products. You can be rest assured that what you buy will be ready for when you need it. This year, or any year in the future.

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Our new 157,000 sq ft warehouse

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