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Lighting Sanitization

How do you ensure your employees and customers feel protected?

How much thought, in the past, have you really given to the cleanliness of the places you frequent? Restaurants, hotels, retail locations... I mean, yeah, perhaps it was a fleeting thought, an assumption of cleanliness - or an assumption of non-cleanliness (think remote controls and kiosk stories). All in all, we had a pretty good idea of what we could expect.

Bring on the COVID-19. All our assumptions of cleaning and sanitizing have been challenged and our expectations have sky-rocketed.

Science has validated the results. LED and UV-C lighting is killing bacteria and harmful pathogens from fabrics and surfaces. This technology is efficiently and effectively providing a solution to health concerns.

Have you considered LED and UV-C lighting sanitization for your office or site locations? This is your time to make an impact and lead the industry. LED and UV-C lighting has an undeniable ROI.

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Pin pad with UV-C light shining on it Pin pad with UV-C light shining on it

Bailiwick preferred equipment includes certification with the MET. The MET mark for product safety indicates compliance to required standards by virtue of Eurofins MET Labs' equivalent NRTL accreditation to UL.

Pin Pads and PCI Compliance

How many equipment failures have you recorded due to improper cleaning procedures of your pin pads? (You've seen it, liquids being sprayed directly on to the pin pads.)

Bailiwick has been busy replacing pin pads and we're happy to do it! That said, we know its expensive to keep replacing devices and increasingly difficult to find them!

Tip: Do not spray liquid disinfectants directly on to the device. Spray a cloth, then wipe the unit. Always read and follow the directions for use on the label of your disinfecting solution.

Pin pad with a cleaning wipe next to it
Pin pad with non-PCI compliant keyboard covering

Did you know?

Covering the keys of the pin pad is non-PCI compliant. The use of overlays pose a security risk to both the merchant and the customer.

Pro Tip: Install a UV-C light above your pin-pad. A quick shot of Ultra-Violet light between customers will help sanitize the keys and demonstrate to your customers you are taking additional steps to help keep them protected.

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Bailiwick is your true end-to-end partner. We'll have your back, from designing a great plan to maintaining a reliable solution.

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We speak all things LED and UV-C lighting. Give us a call and we're happy to tell you what we know! You're not in this alone!


Bailiwick has been recognized as an “essential supplier” as defined by the DHS. We can continue to serve no matter the circumstances.


Bailiwick has an exceptional team of project managers and a flexible, nationwide labor force. Don't need the install piece? No worries, we are happy to help with equipment, maintenance and procurement

How do we feel comfortable and confident, both as consumers and business leaders? LED and UV-C lighting is an obvious indicator that your organization is protecting your employees and your customers.

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