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For 27 years we have been delivering IT solutions for complex business environments across a variety of industries.

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Our vision is to be the indispensable partner of technology solutions, guiding and simplifying an increasingly complex world.

QSR / Fast Casual Restaurants

Personal Health and Safety Solutions

It was a Skywalker Moment. Hearkening back to 1978's original Star Wars, the Quick Serve and Fast Casual restaurant industry was "our only hope". Or, perhaps it was a big part of our hope as we navigated the dark days of COVID-19.

We took notice, once again, you lead this country out of economic recession. Every time we encounter devastating times, the QSR and Fast Casual industries provide Americans with the hope of "normalcy" that comes in sharing a meal with their loved ones. A meal they can afford. During the pandemic, a meal they can get from the safety of their car.

To help you fuel your recovery, Bailiwick has technology solutions geared at defending against cold and flu viruses in bathroom automation, dining room capacity solutions, and beyond.

We also have new offerings geared at turning your parking lot into an asset. The parking lot is not just a place to park. It is now an additional place to create fellowship and memories with your customers - delighting and serving them in transformative ways with food lockers, curbside pick up, digital menu boards and more.

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Corporate Locations

Like Bailiwick, you might be thinking now: How do we bring back the corporate engine? What happens at the corporate entity to sustain the rest of the brand?

If you haven't heard RTW, you're going to, and soon. It's Return to the Workplace.

The four key areas of RTW strategies are:

  • Resource Strategies (ex: A/B Seating Rotations and "Journey Models")
  • Environmental Strategies (ex: Directional Walkways, Air Filtration, UV Technology)
  • Site Enhancements (ex: Physical Work and Common Areas)
  • Cultural Concerns (Together or Apart)

Many of us don't want to go through another cube redesign. How do we create this professional version of the Sneeze Guard to create this nice, safe physical barrier in a human-dense environment?

All these things we're designing, manufacturing and selling at Bailiwick are helping our clients move forward into the new reality.

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Curiosity and creative problem solving.

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