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Speaker - Erik Qualman

Who feels like they're drowning in a mountain of tasks? Being overly busy drains our energy and attitude. It negatively impacts our health, our work, our well-being, and our families. Those who win today will be those with the ability to focus in an increasingly unfocused world.

Erik (equalman) is a best-selling author, researcher and entertainer – delivering edu-tainment, if you will. He will discuss his hypothesis: pursuing focus at all costs will lead to success and happiness. He has performed in over 55 countries and reached 50 million people this decade.

Learn more about Erik here.

Leadership in a Changing World:
Charting a Path to Success

Workshop facilitated by Michelle Wolter, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Bailiwick

As you know, the world is changing at breakneck speed, and that's making the role of leadership more important than ever. Can we go back to the leadership strategies we've used in the past (back to normal)? No! There is no going back! We must start thinking about what's ahead of us and I can tell you, it's evolving fast.

We are experiencing the most consequential technology disruption in history. How do leaders lead in today's environment?

This event is all about getting big thinkers, and real-world practitioners together to chat about how leadership is evolving and what leaders can do to keep up with the times. On our panel, we've got some amazing IT leaders from different industries lined up to share their experiences and insights.

And the workshop? It's going to be both reflective and interactive for both on-site and virtual attendees.

It would be fantastic to have you as one of our workshop participants! We'd love to have you join us – your presence would really add to the whole experience.

Speaker - Brad Shuck

Recognized as one of the world’s most knowledgeable experts on employee engagement, Dr. Brad Shuck is an internationally renowned and sought after thought-leader and in areas of engagement, leadership, and employee health and wellbeing.

Brad will kick us off with his Leadership forecast through 2024:

  • The Leader must change. Next level training hasn't been developed yet.
  • Remote versus hybrid is not the right discussion. Try accessibility.
  • Essential skills for the leader includes compassion, among others.
  • Culture. Culture. Culture. Developing culture is table-stakes.

Brad's session isn't going to be a typical "keynote." He will lead us through an interactive discussion. Some of the questions Brad may ask:

  • "What are ways we can help people see purpose?"
  • "How do you know your work is meaningful?"
  • "Culture. What stories come to mind?"

Read more about Brad.

EV Charging Stations

Not IT's initiative? Think again!

Did you know, 490 million charging stations must be installed by 2040 to keep up with the demand? In this session we'll enjoy a panel discussion on what it means to create destination charging environments for your customers while also meeting corporate and employee expectations.

The current driver behavior is showing a “Topping Off” charging strategy. Think cell phones. You charge them at night, in the car, at the office – constantly topping off your charge. The same holds true for EV drivers. They want to charge their vehicles whenever/wherever they can.

You'll leave this session prepared to lead proactive discussions. After a brief overview of the general landscape, we’ll discuss where IT will lead in your organizations' strategy.