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Next-Level Digital Signage: Trends Taking the Industry by Storm

Contributors: Tim Bennett, Bobbie Cummins, Ray Buice

Person holding mobile phone in front of a QR code

If you're unsure of where to start with Digital Signage, read on for some of the creative and trending ways businesses are using their digital signage to entertain and delight customers, collect data, increase ROI, and more. [Continue Reading]

Person in car driving up to a digital menu board

Here, Bailiwick team members share the behind-the-scenes secrets that have helped the company build relationships with the largest QSR chains in the world, plus tips for franchisees looking for their ideal digital signage partners. [Continue Reading]

Not Just a Drive-Through: Outdoor Digital Signage Creates a Party in the Parking Lot

Contributors: Tim Bennett, Bobbie Cummins, Michelle Wolter

Outdoor digital menu board between two drive-through lanes

Bailiwick has been installing outdoor digital menu boards including the general contracting work required to completely reconfigure drive-throughs in some cases since 2018, starting with one of the largest global QSR chains. [Continue Reading]

An ROI to Write Home About: The Benefits Behind Indoor Digital Signage

Contributors: Bobbie Cummins, Ray Buice, Tim Bennett

Over the course of nine months, the Bailiwick team upgraded the indoor digital menu boards (IDMB) at 3,700 sites, creating a system that paid for itself in a matter of months! [Continue Reading]

Rebuild, Repair, and Restore: A Community Collaboration

By: Bobbie Cummins, Dan Reich, Tim Tuffs

Group of diverse people all with their hands together making a circle

Bailiwick had the experience, the expertise, the skilled personnel and the appropriate attitude to join with their other minority and empathetic vendors as effective, efficient, problem-solving partners. [Continue Reading]

Business as Usual: How to Safely Welcome Employees Back to the Workplace

Contributors: Bobbie Cummins, Joe Hinrichs, Tim Bennett

Tablet with calendar laying on table

As a business leader, the task of safely opening your office to employees again can feel daunting. Bailiwick gets it; learn from our experience, let us be a partner when it comes to your return-to-workplace strategies. [Continue Reading]

Text sign showing Things To Consider

There is a shift from instinctual, pattern-based thinking to analytical, methodical thinking during COVID-19. Wolter summarizes the concepts introduced by Daniel Kahneman in his book Thinking, Fast and Slow. [Continue Reading]

Young businessman holding hands on his face while sitting at the desk in creative office

Michelle Wolter found herself wondering why she could be so resilient one day and in the doldrums another day during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Learn about her journey. [Continue Reading]

UV light shining on drawing of the COVID-19 virus

At Bailiwick, our team leveraged its deep knowledge and expertise in point of sale pin pads, kiosks, and other high-touch devices to partner with manufacturers to provide new solutions to keep your employees and customers safe. [Continue Reading]

Person checking another persons temperature with hand held device

As COVID-19 arrived in the United States and in our home state, Minnesota, many businesses, including Bailiwick, had to quickly spring into action to administer new safety precautions. See what we did. [Continue Reading]

What's Bailiwick's Bailiwick?

By: Bobbie Cummins

Bailiwick definition image

Bailiwick was entrusted with a significant project from a client who is recovering from business loss due to recent events. We were told their internal team voted unanimously that Bailiwick was the trusted partner to get their job done. [Continue Reading]

People having remote meeting via video conference

COVID-19: It's not temporary. It's not permanent. So, what is it? What measures do I need to take temporarily? What measures should be permanent? [Continue Reading]

Person cleaning table before customers use it

Loyal customers have become accustomed to the use of remote-based, non-contact technology but the re-opening will present a new set of challenges as people begin to set foot inside any establishment again. [Continue Reading]

Re-open Without Re-grets

By: Ray Buice

Women holding payment device close to customers smart watch

Now is the time to start shifting the focus to what the new reality will be as we slowly start re-establishing our normal activities in a different operating environment. It will require a careful balance to stage a reopening without any regret. [Continue Reading]

Woman engineer installing electrical cables

All brands are working tirelessly to deliver on customer expectations of seamless experiences in this ever-changing digital environment while looking to engage the customer more than ever with their brand. [Continue Reading]

Annoyed man looking at angry clients

Maintenance. It's something every IT department must own, but when is the last time you thought about your maintenance strategies? [Continue Reading]

Multiple point-of-sale registers in a line with touch screens.

Lowering operational costs is perhaps the primary reason behind driving quick service restaurant operators to switch from traditional print menu signage to digital displays, especially in the drive-thru. [Continue Reading]

Picture of mobile phone with blurred fast casual restaraunt in background

Millennials and Gen Z are driving change in everything from workplace benefits to eating habits. Discover how leveraging technology can capture the loyalty of these customers while also improving business results. [Continue Reading]

Blurred picture of people ordering food at quick serve restaurant

Installation of digital menu boards can be instrumental in helping restaurants upgrade store technology that results in an improved customer experience and streamlined ordering. [Continue Reading]

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