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UV light shining on drawing of the COVID-19 virus

Lighting the Way: Using UV-C and LED Technology to Keep Employees and Customer Safe

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By: Chris Hulke

August 4, 2020

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Cleaning and sanitation processes have been thrust into the limelight as COVID-19 arrived in our communities. While much of the world was focused on shortages of hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes, many businesses were looking at the ways a decades-old technology- disinfectant light-can play an important role in fighting the virus and reducing the spread of infection in businesses, retailers, and restaurants.

Two women using a touchscreen device

As consumers return to restaurants, retailers, and other places of businesses, many are asking themselves "How many people have touched this device? Has this device been cleaned and sanitized? I want the convenience of the kiosk but is it worth the risk?" Providing both customers and employees with a safe and sanitized environment will be a key part to customers feeling confident and comfortable patronizing businesses in this new normal.

In addition, employees are also concerned with health and safety practices. Keeping your workforce healthy is a critical component of providing a safe work environment and being able to best serve customers.

How can UV-C technology help?

The use of disinfectant light (UV-C and LED) has been proven as a particularly effective way to kill airborne pathogens like COVID-19. In a recent New York Times article, Dr. Edward A. Nardell, a professor of global health and social medicine at Harvard Medical School, highlighted the research that demonstrates the effectiveness of UV-C light and noted it can be attached via mounted fixtures and, when used at proper frequencies, is safe even when shining directly on people, allowing for the disinfection of many surfaces.

As a result, the global ultraviolet (UV) disinfection equipment market is expected to grow by $2.06 billion this year, as businesses find ways to use the technology across industries to create safe and clean spaces.

Already, disinfectant light technology is being tested as a solution in New York City subways, hospital rooms, and in warehouses. Consumer-based UV products marketed as easy ways to keep nursery items or cell phones clean are also gaining popularity.

Phone getting cleaned
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How can Bailiwick help?

At Bailiwick, our team leveraged its deep knowledge and expertise in point of sale pin pads, kiosks, timeclocks, and other high-touch devices to partner with manufacturers to provide customers with new solutions that leverage the power of disinfectant light technology to keep your employees and customers safe.

Pin pad with UV-C Sanitization light off
White light indicates the device has sensed motion and the pin pad is ready for use.
Pin pad with UV-C Sanitization light on
Blue light indicates the device is sanitizing the pin pad.

Using traditional sanitation methods, like spraying cleaners directly onto devices and pin pads, can lead to equipment damage and costly replacement efforts. Not to mention, it is becoming increasingly difficult to source and deploy replacement equipment in a timely manner. Using overlays on pin pads might seem like a cost effective option, but their use is prohibited by the PCI Security Standards Council because it is a common way for criminals to skim credit card information.

Pin pad with cover over keys
Placing plastic overlays on pin pads and other high-touch devices is non-PCI compliant. Make sure you understand the risks before using this method.

Whether you operate retail, restaurant, or banking locations, Bailiwick can help you assess several disinfectant lighting options that can mount directly to pin pads, kiosks, and other high-touch areas/devices that will provide the right sanitation solution for your business. Our research shows there are different use cases for the two types of disinfectant lighting. For example, UV-C generally disinfects more quickly than LED, but LED can be more cost-effective and can be more easily integrated into certain types of equipment.

In addition to helping you arrive at the right technology solution, our experience in large-scale project management and deployment and flexible, nationwide workforce allows us to roll-out a solution quickly and efficiently across locations nationwide.

Interested in learning more about LED and UV-C lighting as a method to sanitize? Visit Bailiwick's webpage or contact us directly.

For additional COVID-19 solutions from Bailiwick, please visit our COVID-19 Solutions page.

Chris Hulke profile picture Chris Hulke serves as Bailiwick's Director of Materials Management. Chris is a proven technology and process leader with strong technical, analytical, and organizational skills driven to solve complex business process problems. He is known to find efficiencies and implement innovative solutions. His technical expertise combined and experience as a people manager, allows him to effectively lead teams that drive organizational success.

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